Helping Science and Technology Based Businesses To Succeed

New Businesses

Most innovative engineers, technicians and scientists, at some time or other in their professional life, have the thought of commercialising the bright ideas that they are working on.  But protecting those ideas and finding the right route to market, including the right business model and building up the skills and team to create a successful business, based upon those ideas, takes time, investment and much commitment (not to mention courage).


e-bbex cannot reduce the commitment required by everyone involved in building up that science or technology based business.  However, its consultants can help entrepreneurs to avoid major pitfalls and assist in identifying not only the best route to market but find ways of helping the business along its way.  

Existing Businesses

Even existing businesses can benefit from help and assistance when commercialising new scientific or technological innovations. In fact many leading businesses base their business model on a strategy of innovation. e-bbex can pull together a team of consultants to help your business get the most out of that new technology. From intellectual property advice and guidance through contract negotiation to project management and implementation, e-bbex will always try to give you the best advice and guidance, through training, consultancy, and one to one mentoring.

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Validation of Sterile Production Facility in Riyadh

Support With your Technology

e-bbex can assist you with evaluation of your novel technology and its potential for protection via patenting or other forms of Intellectual Property (IP). We can assist you to find partners to get your prototype manufactured and to develop trials of your product.


We can also arrange testing of your novel products for you. e-bbex and its associates are experienced at evaluating and supporting projects in a wide range of fields including biotechnology, agriculture, health, environment, renewable energy, pollution control, and chemical engineering/processing. Our associates include professionally certified biorisk managers, fire safety engineers and forensic scientists.


In addition to all of that, we have fully certified engineers who can test (to both US and European standards), certify (and assist in validating) cleanrooms, sterile production facilities including compounding areas, and containment devices such as microbiological safety cabinets, laminar flow hoods and fume hoods - in fact anything to do with indoor air quality.


Contact us with your new idea for your business for a confidential discussion about how we could help you (we will provide you with a non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement to help you protect your commercial information and intellectual property rights) If we cannot help you, we will do our best to find someone who can.


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